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Most travelers like to blend relaxation with a touch of cultural enlightenment when on vacation. Our tour division helps with the cultural part by providing members of private tour groups with exclusive music performances during their guided tours, which go through long-standing castles and private concert halls in any place you choose in North America and Europe. These performance programs are especially designed to complement the tour group's theme, which may range from a romantic honeymoon getaway to an educational school trip. We work with travel agencies and tour organizers to coordinate our musical programs with their planned tours. Our Concert Series Division works with various venues that already have an existing concert calendar. We present our exclusive entertainment and performers at summer music festivals, international concert halls, performing arts centers, cultural festivals, castles, and resorts. Our talented group of international performers is widely celebrated by audiences all over the world, and it is a wonderful addition to any festival or event.

Concert Series
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Opera Tours & Concert Series
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